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MERGEPORT enables the sale of additional software for your POS system - without any effort regarding the technical connection. Further software solutions, web services or smartphone applications can be easily and conveniently integrated with MERGEPORT. So that you can fully concentrate on consulting and sales.

Mergeport standardizes the data for POS systems. This makes it easy to connect and sell apps (offline and online).

The advantages of Mergeport

As middleware and standard for the data exchange, Mergeport solves several problems at once. These are the advantages for retailers of POS systems.

Generate more sales

As POS dealer you have a well-oiled distribution network . Take advantage of this and sell your POS system as well as suitable software. Increase your turnover per customer with MERGEPORT.

Save yourself the effort

Reduce your effort regarding interfaces to a minimum. A connection to MERGEPORT means compatibility with a list of apps – for new inquiries, simply refer to MERGEPORT.

Sell faster

We are experts in the field of interfaces and cash registers and have specific resources at our disposal. We implement the interface in the shortest possible time.

Satisfy customers

With MERGEPORT you can sell to each of your customers a tailor-made package of additional software – adapted to their respective needs. This generates added value and satisfaction for the customer.

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The technology behind Mergeport

MERGEPORT relies on the latest and most common technologies. We use REST-API to connect with all common POS systems – whether via .txt files or https requests.

We implement the interface locally as an offline solution or, if required, via our cloud service. In doing so, we access so-called services – bundles of functionalities – which are constantly being expanded.

MERGEPORT means more sales. And less organising. Quiet simple.


With our interfaces, we collect all relevant data and information and make them available to POS developers and app developers. A single connection gives access to many POS systems and a large number of apps.


Online orders can be displayed and processed directly in the POS system.


Management of voucher and customer cards via the POS. Even across several branches or hotels.


Reservations that are received online are displayed in the POS and can be processed there.


Payment options can be linked to the POS: from credit cards to crypto currencies.

Data Analysis & Statistics

Linking and use of all data generated at the POS.

Customized Solutions

Customized solutions for specific industries.

Customized Solutions

You want to use external data or synchronize several cash registers of your customers? But you don't want to run your own web server or invest in its programming? Let's talk.


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Are your employees sales fit? We organise webinars for your employees so that they can get to know new products better.

Sales documents

How can you improve your sales even more? We provide sales documents to actively support your employees in their sales activities.

Demoversion and sandboxes

Not only for your employees, but also for your customers: Demo versions and sandboxes to get to know new products.

How we help improving your sales

Mergeport not only does the connection of additional software to your POS system for you. We also help you sell the software.

Received an inquiry?

Have you received a customer inquiry regarding whether you can connect an app (locally running software, web service or app) to your POS system? But you don't know yet if it's actually worth it? Please contact us. We make the connection to one of our services and the software (including interface) can be sold to your customers.

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