CashIT offers a comprehensive and future-proof cash register system with very high expandability for the gastronomy industry. MERGEPORT has partnered with CashIT to build a two-way interface to integrate with ordering platforms and manage online orders more easily.


Category: POS system

How to

Step 1


Activate a MERGEPORT license in the MERGEPORT controller



Enter the MERGEPORT access details in the configuration of the CashIT POS



Activate the desired ordering platforms

Integrate CashIT with Mergeport

Let’s drive digitization together! Talk to our team of experts to see our solution in action and discuss  we can work together. 


Menu item synchronization

CashIt supports the sychronization of POS items, which may be necessary for many ordering platforms. To upload the menu items, the restaurant is required to prepare the item-database by setting the upload preferences for specific articles and then activate the upload. Here you can find a detailed description: >> Download


When orders come in, the CashIT POS needs to identify the ordered items and match them to the internal article database in order to set tax rates and links correctly. To do so, the POS has implemented smart mechanics to identify the item and asks the user to map the article manually if not found.

In the meanwhile, it uses a default item (with 20% tax rate)

Accept & Reject / Preparation Time

The POS has an area for online orders, where the restaurant can enable/disable online orders (which will then accept/reject orders) as well as set the default preparation time. 



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Simple & fast integration

Our products can be integrated with a guided 4-step activation process. We support you with everything you need.

Recurring revenue

We give you the keys to our business model. Instead of a one-time payout, our solution allows you to generate a regular monthly income from your restaurateurs.

Added value for customers

Our mission: to provide our partners with all the tools to make sure their customers, restaurants, can streamline their workflows and benefit from the wide range of digital solutions. Fully interoperable.