Order & Menu Sync

Efficiency is our passion. That’s why we make sure all digital solutions work closely together and you can focus on what’s important: serve delicious food and create memorable experiences. While we streamline and automate your processes.

As a middleware, our MERGEPORT Ordering solution integrates your existing POS system with every ordering platform you need. To synchronize orders, menu and restaurant information. Once set up, you save precious time and money.


Typing online orders into the POS system is time-consuming. Mergeport’s Order & Menu Sync saves you about 5 hours of staff costs per month.


Mistakes are human. That’s why we rely on tech. Real-time processing of online orders.


Fast, simple and centralized management of all ordering platforms. Order overview, order status and management of the menu.

Order & Menu Management

Order Sync

By connecting MERGEPORT Order & Menu Sync to the POS system, orders from online delivery services can be integrated neatly into the production process of the restaurant. The online order is automatically transferred to the POS system and thus to the kitchen. Without tedious typing into the cash register or ordering tablets.

To do so, we work with all relevant online ordering platforms as well as POS systems.

Menu Sync

Configure and manage your menus in your POS system – and we take care of syncing it with all connected ordering platforms. In real time and fully automated.

Ordering updates

Probably the most important thing when ordering food online: time. Customers want the food as quickly as possible and preferably still warm. To be honest, we have no influence on the latter. But we make sure the customers know when to get ready. We synchronize ordering updates fully automated from your kitchen to the platforms.

Got it

How to

It’s quick, easy and works with most POS systems.

01. Reach out to your POS system vendor

You are interested? Cool. Then simply get in touch with us or your POS dealer. They will set up the integration be your contact person. 


The POS vendor sets up our interface.

03. Setup ordering platforms

We work with over 20 of the most popular ordering platforms. We will guide you through the activation.

04. Done. We know you'll like it

That’s it. Ideally, we can complete the integration of a POS system in approx. 20 minutes. However, experience shows that the connection takes a little longer. But not much. Promise!

Nice, but…

You still have

Mergeport is a middleware that connects cash registers (POS systems) and external solutions (apps) with each other. This can be hardware (e.g. payment terminals), additional software (e.g. analysis software) or web services (e.g. order portals). Mergeport standardizes this data so that everyone can handle it more easily and makes the apps available to POS retailers. Similar to a marketplace or an app store. 

Mergeport uses a state-of-the-art Cloud Software to integrate with POS systems. Once a system is connected to Mergeport, a connection to all partners in the network can be realized.

We have the connections to the most common POS systems. Check out our integrations. In case we do not support your POS yet, just contact your POS vendor and require an integration. We got you!

That depends on the POS vendor. However, from experience, we can say that our solutions costs the restaurant approximately half as much as the comparable competitor.

Yes, definitely! Our solution integrates your existing POS with all kinds of ordering solutions.

One last question

Are you ready to be efficient?

Let’s drive digitization together! Talk to our team of experts to see our solution in action and discuss  we can work together.