Foodora is part of Delivery Hero and a relevant partner in the delivery & takeaway industry. MERGEPORT introduced a two-way interface to integrate foodora as well as other delivery hero platforms with your system.


Category: Ordering Platform
Services: Delivery, Takeaway

How to


Setup restaurant and menu at foodora

Complete the onboarding at foodora

Step 2

(if needed) Set POS Item IDs at foodora

If the POS integration requires it, please set the POS item IDs at foodora. There are different ways to do so: 

1) Via the foodora VendorPortal:

2) Via POS Integration: if the POS integration supports it, we can sync the items automatically to foodora. Please note that this will overwrite the menu at foodora (including images and description). Only recommended if the data quality in the POS is high.

3) Send a .csv containing the menu as well as the corresponding POS Item IDs to the support agent. 

step 3


Activate a MERGEPORT license in the MERGEPORT controller and activate foodora as a service provider. Note the apiKey for later.

Step 4

Set MERGEPORT as the interface at foodora

Use the activation process to receive the information requested and activate MERGEPORT as the POS interface

Step 5

Enable MERGEPORT interface in your POS system

Use the apiKey from the MERGEPORT controller to activate your POS system

Integrate Foodora with Mergeport

Let’s drive digitization together! Talk to our team of experts to see our solution in action and discuss  we can work together. 


foodora can be integrated either via the direct or indirect order flow.

  • Direct: Orders are transferred directly from foodora to the POS and the order status is reported back by the POS system (if supported by the POS system). The tablet can be switched off. As long as the tablet is active, the interface works similarly to the “Indirect” option.
  • Indirect: Orders must first be accepted by the restaurant via the  foodora tablet/app. After confirmation, the order is forwarded to the POS system.


The assignment can be done in two different ways:

  • (recommended) Option A) When setting up the foodora restaurant, a .csv list of the articles with the corresponding PLU numbers is sent to the  foodora support. Foodora will link the PLU numbers accordingly. These are then forwarded via MERGEPORT.
  •  Option B) If the POS supports the item upload, MERGEPORT automatically synchronizes the items with foodora. For this, however, an article import must be confirmed once via foodora support (or via MERGEPORT support). Afterwards, the synchronization takes place periodically and automatically.

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