ORDERMAXX is an All-In-One Cloud Service Plattform that unifies the customer experience across all touchpoints and combines use cases such as ordering, payment, customer loyalty and marketing with advanced PWA technology and AI services. MERGEPORT introduced a two-way interface to integrate ORDERMAXX with your system.


Category: Self Ordering, Marketing, Ordering Platform, Apps
ServicesIn-House-Ordering, Takeaway, Delivery

How to


Setup restaurant and menu with ORDERMAXX

step 2


Activate a MERGEPORT license in the MERGEPORT controller and activate ORDERMAXX as a service provider

Step 3

Enter the requested information

Step 4

Set MERGEPORT as the interface at ORDERMAXX

Setup MERGEPORT interface at your POS System

Integrate ORDERMAXX with Mergeport

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Benefit from more
sales & integrations

Simple & fast integration

Our products can be integrated with a guided 4-step activation process. We support you with everything you need.

Recurring revenue

We give you the keys to our business model. Instead of a one-time payout, our solution allows you to generate a regular monthly income from your restaurateurs.

Added value for customers

Our mission: to provide our partners with all the tools to make sure their customers, restaurants, can streamline their workflows and benefit from the wide range of digital solutions. Fully interoperable.